3 Ways to Deal With Stress & Anxiety

Whilst no one wants to have to deal with stress & anxiety, it is something that we do often encounter. This could be a medical diagnosis of actual anxiety or just a tricky time, where we have to deal with a difficult scenario. Either way, it’s not a nice time to go through so here are some tips to deal with it

Ask For Help

Whether it’s talking to friends, calling a supportive helpline or speaking to your GP it’s important that you speak to someone and get some help. Often people can help us see things from a different perspective, which can help it relieve stress – especially if what is stressing you out is a practical issue. It is easy to get bogged down by things that feel too much, so knowing that we can speak to someone for help is a really positive thing.

Tackle Things Step by Step

It is important that you look at things in stages, especially if there seem to be a number of things that are causing you stress. Instead try to put things in order of priority and work out what you can tackle to make life a little easier – that way, as you start to tick things off of the list, you might find that the level of stress you feel starts to reduce.

Look at Things that Can Help You

There are some practical things you can do or take to help in a practical way. For example, your doctor might be able to prescribe some medication to help with the feelings of anxiety. For many people doing things like chewing sugar-free gum can help – not only is it good for your teeth, but it can help to be a distraction from the feeling of anxiety or stress. The truth is that there are always going to be scenarios that are stressful that we’re forced to be in – a meeting at work, a difficult conversation you need to have with someone or even financial stresses at home.

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Although these can’t always be avoided, taking steps to reduce the effect they have can help – alongside chewing sugar-free gum things like going to the gym or taking yourself on a long walk can help. Others find that some self-care in the shape of a nice dinner or a bubble bath helps them. The trick is to find what works for you and go with that – you may even find that mixing up different methods is the best way to help you.

Behind the Label: chewing gum

There have several studies over the years that show the benefits of someone choosing to regularly chew gum – a study in 2011 in Japan showed it also helped to reduce fatigue. Then a separate study in Wales at Cardiff University by the Centre of Occupational and Health Psychology took place in 2016 also backed up these findings – even when those taking part in the tests were exposed on purpose to stressful situations.

Know You Are Not Alone

It is really important to know that you are not alone and that often the feelings will pass. It can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating – like you are the only person that feels the way you do. However, remember that there are people feeling just like you are now – reach out to those that can help you because you are never alone.

So there you have it, some tips to deal with stress and anxiety – if you have any tips to share we’d love to hear them!

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