How To Dress For Your Size

Fashion is a funny thing – we all have different tastes and there are so many different trends that it can be hard to keep up. One thing you’ll often read about, especially in women’s fashion is how to dress for your size. They’ll also give you charts that show you what body shape you are and the clothes you should wear that complement this. However, unless you’re a fan of having your body compared to an apple – there is a much better way!

Forget The Rules

Fashion is all about personality and wearing the clothes that make us happy. You don’t have to follow trends and you most certainly don’t have to worry about how to dress for your size. Over recent years plus size fashion, fashion for tall people and even petite collections have been released in abundance and we should most definitely take advantage of these. After all, why don’t we deserve the clothes that we want to wear? We’re all individuals and the clothes that we wear have every right to reflect that, no matter what mainstream media would have you believe!

What You Should Wear

The only clothes you should wear and ones that make you happy – that means getting your arms out when the sun is shining, wearing t-shirts even if you feel your belly is showing or wearing a skirt and not worrying about your knobbly knees. Who makes these fashion rules anyway?

What fashion rules would you like to throw in the bin if you had a choice?



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