Cats vs Dogs? Who Could Ever Decide!

Personally, we’re a household of two cats and a puppy – so we’re definitely a family that sits on the fence when it comes to whether cats or dogs are better. We thought we would introduce you to the family, but Cats vs Dogs? What side are you on?


Goldie is around 10 years old and possibly the most chilled cat you have ever met. She loves nothing more than finding somewhere cosy in the sunshine and moving around the house as the sun moves throughout the day. She loves chicken and rolling over for tummy rubs. She’s had Tabitha & Lola move into our house in the last 12 months and she’s handled it brilliantly!


Tabitha is just over a year old and came to live with us in August last year. She had a tricky start to life and is probably a little feral still. She’s still finding her feet and is very timid, but we’ve found a routine that works and as long as she has a comfortable bed to lie on and some cat treats, she’s happy!


Cats vs Dogs

Lola is the newest addition to the family, joining us just a couple of weeks ago. She’s 15 weeks old and definitely made herself at home here. She loves sneaking onto the bed to sleep at night and ripping up whole rolls of toilet roll at a time.

Each of these furry creatures has their own personalities and we honestly wouldn’t be without any of them. They’re all loving in their own ways and bring such a sense of fun and love to our home. Could we choose between whether cats or dogs are better? Absolutely not! I’ve even looked at dog friendly hotels incase we go away!

Recent research by Beko shows that over 50% of adults in the UK now own a pet. Perhaps unsurprisingly these numbers have increased throughout 2020 and 2021. They looked into the habits of lots of pet owners – for example, did you know that you’re likely to spend 3 hours a week more cleaning if you have a pet than those that don’t have a pet?  We’re currently toilet training Lola so we’re definitely spending a few hours a week cleaning up after all. They all like to take the biscuits out of their bowl and eat them elsewhere as well – Why do they do that? We just make sure we keep on top of the basic pet cleaning every day to make sure these pets don’t get everything out of hand – In fact, the beds are all in the washing machine today as we speak.

According to their research out of all pet owners, 63% of people owned dogs, 57% owned cats and 17% of people owned fish. There are currently 9 million dogs in the UK and 7.5 million cats – that’s a lot of furry friends to love!

Do you have a pet? What would be your ideal pet if you could have one?

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