Making Changes To Your Family Home As People Grow Older

Families are complex, and often interdependent on each member. As time moves forward, children grow up and parents retire. The homes that we live in need to adapt to those changing times. Here we wanted to look at some changes you could make to your life and the life of your loved ones as people grow older and things change.

As someone gets older, as much as they might try to deny it they are likely to start to lose some independence – relying on friends and family for a little more help. When it comes to popping to the shops or helping with practical tasks this is all well and good, but there are other things that should be considered when an older person starts to lose their mobility.

Once getting around the house becomes tricky it is time then to look at ways that you can make life a little easier for them to manage. Age UK Mobility is great as they offer a range of adaptations you can make to your home to make life a little easier  – a stairlift or a walk-in bath for example. This type of expense can seem frivolous however is a worthwhile investment, after all – if you aren’t comfortable at home then where will you be comfortable?

Stair Lifts | Bruno® | UK

In a similar way to getting our car looked at before there is a problem, pre-empting when a family member may need our help can mean that we deal with the problem before it becomes one. Losing confidence because of a fall down the stairs is something that can be hard to get back so why to not look at what you can do to help them first? Even small changes like helping them to de-clutter or keep on top of housework can be a great help. Speak to your family member about what they are struggling with and what you might be able to assist with, just keep in mind that they may well be struggling with the idea of needing more help – so go gently.

What changes would you make around the house to make life easier if you could?

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