How To Style Your Home Like A Professional

Are you wondering how you can redecorate your living space to achieve a modern look? Perhaps you want to create a peaceful space within your bedroom? Wanting to update a dated kitchen? You don’t need an interior designer to help you with this. With the below top tips and your own creative taste and style, you can transform any room within your home.

Don’t go too dark.

Not only do dark rooms make your mood dip but there are also many other negative factors to consider. The room may feel much smaller, cramped and uninviting. Make sure you consider lighter wall paints and fabrics. If you decide to go for a darker element within the room, make sure you counterbalance this with lighter tones everywhere else. Use dark colours sparingly within the room. Mirrors are also a fantastic way to lighten a room, so consider placing a mirror within each room.

Ensure there is enough space.

For a room to feel inviting and relaxing, there needs to be room to breathe. Ensure walkways are clear without any furniture blocking or overlapping key walking areas. You want to achieve flow around the room. Do not clutter a space, ensure belongings are tidied away and the room is pleasing to the eye. Utilising storage space, boxes and baskets here will help to achieve this.

Use Artwork.

Nobody wants to live in a dull and boring space. Add artwork to your walls to create a vibrant and homely area. Ensure the colours of the images match the rooms and the scale of the images fill the space. Small frames in a large space will be overwhelmed and therefore will have a negative effect rather than a positive. Even displaying this like recipe books and home interior magazines can make a great addition to a room!

Use the rule of three.

Arranging objects in threes has been shown to be more appealing and memorable. The odd number formation can also be used for 5,7,9 etc however the magic number is that of three. Whilst decorating a sideboard with candles and flowers, place these in groups of three to create a higher visual impact.

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