How To Make a House Feel Like Home For An Older Person

As we get older, we might start to find tasks that were once easy a little more tricky especially when the colder weather kicks in.  This doesn’t mean that we should give up on the idea of being independent completely, but it might mean making some adjustments to where we live. It’s really important that where we spend our time feels like home, so making some changes to make this happen is something you should most definitely consider. Here are some things we’d suggest to help make life a little easier for an older person

Kitchen Accessories

There are loads of things you can get for the kitchen to help make life a little easier – this isn’t even if you’re older, we have a few of these gadgets and they’re great. A one cup hot water system is a must; because it means that your elderly loved one can make a cup of tea without having to lift a heavy kettle of boiling hot water, which is always a worry. We have an air-fryer and we love it, so we’d definitely recommend one of these too. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant but it does mean that they can cook things like sausages without having to stand for too long or chips without having to worry about bending down to the oven.

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Getting Up and Down The Stairs

Being able to get about your house as easy as possible is a must and it is the stairs that most start to find tricky first. Of course, moving to a bungalow might be a dream for many but it isn’t always practical. The good news is that stairlift prices aren’t usually anywhere near as scary as you might imagine – so being able to give them a safe and secure way of getting up and down the stairs is easy than you think. Stairlift technology has also come on leaps and bounds over recent years, so even if you think your staircase might not be suitable for a stairlift it is worth a chat to the experts to see what the options are.

Invest in Technology

We are so lucky that technology really is there to help make life easier for everyone. A ring doorbell gives anyone peace of mind that they know who is at the door when it knocks, so they can have confidence when they answer it. We love to use our Amazon Echo Dot to “drop in” and listen to the house to see how much noise the dog is making when we’re not there – but it could be used equally as easy to speak to relatives without them having to worry about picking up the phone – they can also use it to call you in an emergency if needed.

One of the things we believe is is a nice, easy, quiet life. Just because someone is getting older doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t enjoy life and these little additions to their home could make all the difference! If you have any recommendations we’re missing, let us know!

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