Wearing Jewellery as a Fashion Statement

Fashion is a really personal choice and something that everyone has different tastes regarding – which is great! It can be easy to try and go along with society and what they say you should wear but realistically it is your body and therefore what you wear should be your choice. Here are our thoughts on wearing jewellery as a fashion statement.

Jewellery is a great way to ensure that your whole outfit reflects your personality with some excellent finishing touches. It isn’t always possible to walk in a shop and buy a whole outfit that reflects you and what you really want to wear, so sometimes you need to make some tweaks to your outfit to make it perfect for you. For example, you might want to invest in some hip hop jewelery to bling up an outfit and make it feel more like you to wear. It might not be the choice if you’re looking for wedding jewellery (although no shame if it is a wedding theme is a totally personal decision) but it can be fitting for all sorts of other events.

Wearing Jewellery as a Fashion Statement

Wearing Jewellery as a Fashion Statement

One of the best things about jewellery is that there are so many different types to choose from, so whatever you have in mind in terms of style there will be something to suit you! It could be that you’re someone that likes iced out chains and it could be that you would prefer something more understated like a small gold chain or hoop earrings. Fashion is something that should never be restricted, so whatever you feel comfortable wearing should be what you wear. We’re used to seeing people who can make their own clothing & reflect their personality in their clothing choices, so why should jewellery be any different?

Don’t Follow The Crowd

There is nothing wrong with following fashion and trends if that is what makes you happy however don’t be someone that follows the trends even if their heart says differently. If you want to wear iced out pendants then that is what you should wear. Feel like you want to wear van trainers or the only brand you want to wear is Primark? No problem! Clothing is such a personal choice and we all have different styles, materials and brands that make us feel good – always make sure you wear what makes you feel good!

Iced No Days Off Pendant in White Gold

If you’re someone that likes wearing jewellery as a fashion statement, what are your favourite pieces to wear?

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